Laser Tattoo Removal Machines – Deciding on New vs Used vs Refurbished

Purchasing a tattoo removal laser for your tattoo shop or healthcare practice isn’t always an easy thing to do. Now, more than ever there are a number of options available – new, used, and refurbished.

Used laser tattoo removal systems can save a buyer money, but the systems can sometimes end up costing as much as a new one, if not looked into properly. Since there are pros and cons to each option (New vs Used vs Refurbished) this guide is designed to help laser tattoo removal machine buyers navigate which is the best choice for your needs.

What is an Actively Q-switched Laser?
An actively Q-switched Laser is an advanced laser device that is more complex to manufacture and maintain than other types of light-based devices (e.g. IPL). The complexity and need for proper maintenance are factors that make purchasing a used or refurbished Q-switched system different than that of other medical laser systems. It is important to keep this in mind when searching for the right laser tattoo removal system for your business.

Many healthcare practices and tattoo shops buy Q-switched lasers new because they get the assurance of guaranteed delivery, a full warranty and a brand-new machine.  

Purchasing a new laser takes out some of the uncertainties surrounding the machine. You’ll never have to worry about preexisting wear on the system because every component is completely new with no previous owner.
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