2012 Used Focus Medical NaturaLase Er Laser

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Focus Medical is a well-respected brand in the laser industry, known for producing quality lasers without the hype. Their systems feature trusted, proven technology for dermatologic and cosmetic applications.

The NaturaLase Er is an ablative laser indicated for use in treating pigmented lesions, skin resurfacing, and skin rejuvenation. These treatments can dramatically reduce the signs of aging – which is why fractionated lasers such as the NaturaLase Er are standard in medical spas and aesthetic practices worldwide. This is not a tattoo removal laser.Used Erbium Fractional Laser

This 2012 Focus Medical NaturaLase Er has had very light use and is in excellent working order.

Price: $24,995.00


• Er:YAG laser

• Pulse Energy: Up to 3 Joules per pulse

• Wavelength: 2.94 nm

• Fluence: Up to 20 Joules/cm2

• Spot Size: Up to 10 mm

• Hand Piece: Variable Spot Collimated

• Power Requirements: 110, 200, 220, or 240 VAC

• Pre-Owned, Built 2012

Focus Used Erbium Fractional Laser for sale Focus Used Erbium Fractional Laser for sale Focus Used Erbium Fractional Laser Focus Used Erbium Fractional Laser for sale

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